Adoptee Pizza Parties

Our adoptee-only pizza parties are a time to gather and share meals, stories, and community. Come to relax, meet other adoptees, eat, and have a good time! Sign up to our pizza party email list to RSVP, volunteer your help, and stay up to date about our parties! 

Food: Our menu ranges from classic Margherita to Fig and Balsamic. If you have dietary requests, (vegan, dairy-free, or gluten free, etc.) we are always open to finding a way to assist you the best we can.

Accessibility: There is one step up to the back area, and a few steps to get to one of the covered areas and inside to the bathroom. There is stone, wood, and grass. 

Covid precautions: The parties are hosted outside, with open covered areas available (bathroom is inside). We don’t require masking or notice of vaccination, we ask that attendees are thoughtful about each other’s personal space, touching, and take care with their hygiene. 


June 3, 2023

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