Like adoption, a mosaic is a picture created of bits and pieces, the spaces in
between remind us that each piece has a history of its own.

We provide space where the adoption constellation/community feels valued, heard, understood and accepted as a full member of their family and society.

Adoption Mosaic provides a platform for compassionate, informed education, training and resources to the adoption constellation/community. In one way or another, we all have adoption in our lives. And regardless of what role we play or the resources we’ve been give, each of us deserves a healthy lifelong adoption experience.

Here at Adoption Mosaic we focus on families and individuals by supporting them in making the most educated, informed and unbiased decision when it comes to their adoption needs. We provide space where the adoption constellation/community feel valued, heard, understood and accepted as a full member of society, family and community.


Adoption Mosaic’s vision is to build bridges with adoption communities for forward-thinking dialogue on adoption-related topics while offering support and education to those who are learning what it means to be a part of the adoption constellation.


The Adoption Mosaic mission is to connect, honor, and serve the adoption constellation through innovation in education, practices, and support services.


Adoption Mosaic is not an adoption agency.

We serve all members of the adoption constellation.

We are committed to working collaboratively with individuals, organizations and agencies.

We are dedicated to finding creative and new ways to support the adoption community.

Adoption Mosaic founder, Astrid Castro, has spent nearly 30 years professionally supporting the adoption community. This has allowed her to create a unique business model that supports the adoption constellation and its various communities.

In addition to being a seasoned professional, Astrid is also an adoptee. She realizes the gap in support services and infuses her personal experience to tailor support and services that are truly needed.

Adoption Mosaic embodies the experience and the wide varieties of adoptee, first/birth parents, adoptive parents, birth/adoptive extended family members, adopted and non-adopted siblings, social workers, educators, children of adoptees, partners of adoptees… (and the list goes on).

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