About Us

Adoption Mosaic is an adoptee-led, BIPOC woman owned, mission-driven business. With the 30+ years of experience of our founder and CEO, Astrid Castro, we have built a strong community that connects all members of the adoption constellation. At Adoption Mosaic we believe everyone in the adoption constellation deserves a healthy lifelong adoption experience. We provide spaces where all adoptees and members of the adoption constellation feel valued, heard, understood and accepted.

Our Vision

Adoption Mosaic’s vision is to build an inviting adoption conscious community by providing innovative adoptee-centered programs and support services. 

Our Mission

The Adoption Mosaic mission is to teach adoption competency, build family legacy, and create community through our services. 

Our Principles

  •  Adoption Mosaic is not an adoption agency. We do not facilitate adoptions. 
  • We serve all members of the adoption constellation. 
  • We are committed to working collaboratively with individuals, families, organizations, and agencies to build adoption competency. 
  • We are dedicated to finding creative and new ways to support the adoption community. 
  • Adoption Mosaic’s hope is that by opening dialogue we can usher in a new future for adoption that includes radical empathy for all members of the adoption constellation.