• Needing a sounding board or extra support while unpacking issues like race, identity, and adoption? 
  • Looking for resources and support for adoption related situations such as birth/first family search, birth/first family reunion, openness in adoption, etc? 
  • Unsure how to address the tension or conflict conversations about adoption brings up? 
  • Wanting to be a better support person or ally for the adoptee in your life? 
  • Wanting to ask someone in your life to be a stronger ally and support? 


  • Non-therapeutic consultations for individuals and families
  • Empathetic, open-minded adoption professionals 
  • Resources and recommendations on topics specific to you and/or your family
  • Support to shoulder the burden of unpacking and processing the adoption experience

Individual and Family Sessions with Astrid

These sessions offer empathetic, experience, and education based listening, individualized advice based on you/your family’s situation, and one-on-one time with a caring, knowledgeable, open-minded adoption professional. 

You will meet with Astrid, our founder and CEO. Read more about her by clicking on her photo.

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Individual and Group Sessions with Jennifer

We also offer sessions with Jennifer Poole, our Adoptee Outreach Coordinator and Parenting Coach. She specializes in Compassionate Communication and Connection Parenting Counseling and provides parenting education for all families.

Read more about Jennifer by clicking on her photo.

Ready to get started?

Astrid Castro wears a yellow and white flower shirt and smiles at the camera.

Astrid Castro

Founder and CEO

Astrid Castro (she/her/hers) is the founder and CEO of Adoption Mosaic. Her life-long interest in adoption is rooted in her own adoption at the age of four from Colombia (along  with her older sister). Astrid has been in reunion with her birth family in Colombia since December 2011. Read about Astrid’s journey of searching and finding her birth mother in The Oregonian Part 1 and Part 2.

Astrid has a degree in sociology with an emphasis in adoption. Since 1992, she has traveled the country to lead youth groups, present workshops on transracial parenting, how to talk with children about adoption, and various other workshops focusing on adoption. Prior to creating Adoption Mosaic, Astrid worked in both the private and public sectors of various adoption organizations such as the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (ORPARC), Holt International and Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, and VIDA (while living in Italy).

She has also sat on several boards of directors (North American Council on Adoptable Children, Open Adoption and Family Services, Northwest Adoptive Families Association, Spoon Foundation)​ to support the adoption community. 

Astrid has also been featured on many podcasts and contributed a chapter to the anthology, Parenting as Adoptees. She has also helped to develop materials such as Adoption in the Movies, and Adoptive Parent Training: Developing Communication Skills, an innovative, evidence-based, training DVD. 

Astrid’s personal experiences as an adoptee, a woman of color, and growing up in a white family and community, fuel her professional path to helping others. She is aware of the benefit of post-adoption services for individuals and their families and seeks to bring these services to the adoption community. 

When Astrid is not working she loves training for half marathons, firing up her outdoor pizza oven and sharing homemade pizza with family and friends and biking with her little dogs, Guapo and Baci. Her absolute favorite thing is to enjoy the adventures of life with her amazing daughter.

Jennifer Poole

Adoptee Outreach Coordinator and Parenting Coach

Jennifer Poole was adopted as an infant in a closed adoption. She holds a Masters Degree in Interfaith Pastoral Counseling, where she wrote her thesis on “Openness in Adoption as an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth”. It was during this time, in 2001, that she initiated her reunion with her birth mother and later with her birth father. 

Passionate about supporting families, she is certified in Hand in Hand Parenting, Redirecting Children’s Behavior, the Enneagram, and Whole Person Design Life Coaching. Drawing from a large tool box which includes continuing education in Mindfulness, High Conflict Diversion, ADHD, ACES, Attachment Theory and Trauma Informed Care, Jennifer provides counseling and coaching to help families move from conflict to the connection they seek. 

She currently lives in Oregon with her husband. Together they have 4 grown children.