Conscious Adoption: Adoptive Parent Educational Courses

Our “Conscious Adoption” education courses are developed by adoptees in collaboration with other adoption constellation members (like adoptive parents) to help individuals and families build adoption competence, make informed decisions around adoption, and connect with other members of their adoption community. 

Our goal for these courses is to give caregivers, guardians, and parents tools and resources to best support the adoptees in their lives.

Lifelong Tools for Successful Parenting

12-week course

Every child deserves to know about their origins, their story, and why they came to be part of their adoptive family.

Are you prepared to talk about adoption in a way that is full of complexity and nuance from the moment your child joins your family? 


8-week course

All transracial/interracial adoptees deserve to have parents who know that race matters.

We have created this course to give adoptive parents a compassionate space to learn about race and racism, move theory into practice, and much more. 


6-week course

When your kids are adults there is often the false notion you no longer need to talk about adoption.

Join us to reflect on your story, tackle more challenging topics together, and practice talking with your adult adoptee and others about these adoption issues

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